Tanjore Paintings

This page is dedicated to my dearest wife Sangeetha.

Sangee hails from Kangeyam, a small town in Tamilnadu. She has done her BSc in Computer Science.

From young age, she is interested in drawing and painting. She has won many competitions during her school and college days. When our marriage moved her to Bangalore, she had plans to pursue MSc in Computer Science with Montessori teaching. Fortunately we discovered her great artistic talent, which shifted her focus from computers to paintings. Now she is into Tanjore Paintings. She is having great interest and keen commitment to excel the art she loves the most.

Though I am not a great believer of God, for me its a pleasure watching how a simple white board is turned into a Divine Tanjore Painting with all her great talent and sincere efforts. She is busy these days working on her paintings those are going to decorate the pooja rooms of some of our friends and relatives.

We would love to let you know more about this wonderful art.
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