How I Wrote My 1st Book

Every time people ask me this one question. How did you write a book? It’s a very simple question, but I’ve to spend more than an hour telling them in detail about my book writing journey. (Okie, if you don’t know about my book, I’ve given the links at end of this article)

It all started with a simple article titled “In Search of An Engineer” that I wrote sometime in 2012. Later it became a small booklet for engineering students, which transformed into a complete book by itself. The responses I am getting from young students, parents, faculty friends and Industry professionals has been wonderful. People often write to me or call me to tell how much value they are finding in the book.

Book Photo 2When Prof.Dr.Krishna Vedula, President Indo-US Collaboration in Engineering Education (IUCEE) released my book in February 2014 in Hubli, India.

Book Photo 5Dr.Sugata Mitra, $ 1 million TED 2013 Prize winner, Dr.R.Natarajan Former Director, IIT Madras & Former Chairman, AICTE and International Delegates when My Book was Released

After listening to my book writing journey, most common reply would be “Even I wanted to write a book, I am thinking of it for a while, but don’t know how and where to start”. Some of the pertinent questions that stop people from writing their own book are these.

Why should I write a book? How long it takes to write? How to get my book published? Is it really worth writing a book? Will I earn lots of money from my book? Who will buy my book?

I will be writing a series of articles about book writing and here is the 1st one for you.

Why Should You Write a Book?

Being a published author has done more for my career than I could have ever imagined and of course to some extent to my income as well. It has opened doors of opportunity I couldn’t have dreamed were possible. And, it can happen for you, too.

Here are 5 reasons why you should write a book:

1. To to share your expertise. Just think about one subject, domain or topic in which you’ve better knowledge and expertise than many others. You are surely an expert in that. The problem is you take your knowledge, experience, or skill for granted. Because it is familiar, you assume everyone has it. They don’t. And people will pay to know what you know or learn how to do what you do. So start focusing on your areas of expertise.

2. To establish your authority. People spend time in schools and colleges for years to acquire a degree hoping that it will land them in a job. Yes, it can and these are important steps in your career path, but neither provide the level of credibility that comes with having a book with your name on it. In today’s knowledge economy, having a book with your name is surely regarded as the ultimate proof of your mastery.

3. To differentiate yourself. Whatever is your profession, you have lots of competition. But go check how many of your competitors have a book to their credit. This is perhaps the most important way to set yourself apart and get noticed. It provides an unfair advantage in today’s world. There are hundreds of speakers who are invited to institutions and organisations to talk and to train their young engineers. Rarely they have a relevant book in their name. I have a best selling one and that’s the reason I command better respect and higher speaker fee than others even think of.

4. To open new possibilities. A book is the best business card and marketing tool you could ever have. It makes an introduction. It opens new doors. It prepares you for many new possibilities that you might not have even imagines. It goes where you can’t go and does what you can’t do. It positions you as someone with something important to offer.

5. To make a difference. You book is just the manifestation of your passion, expression of your message and proclamation of what you stand for. Once you have published it, you can truly make some positive difference in lives of people. You too would love what I am greatly loving these days – to see emails and get phone calls from young students, parents, professionals saying me how my book helped them, how it provided a great value and how it is changing their lives.

Yes, writing a book is not easy. It takes lot of hard work and great perseverance to get it completed. Here I am going to share some of my experiences, problems I faced, lessons I learned and success stories of writing my 1st book in series of articles. I am sure that will provide the information and confidence you need to start writing your 1st book and succeed as a published author.

Hoping to see you soon, as a published author posing for a photograph in your book release event.

To Buy My 1st Book “Become an Engineer Not Just an Engineering Graduate” click here or here.

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